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Nozomu Wakai

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal  Artist 

     Guitar / Produce /Compose /Design

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Band / Work


Classic Modan HR/HM

DESTINIA started in 2014 as a solo project by Nozomu Wakai. In 2017, Ronnie Romero joined as a vocalist and "DESTINIA" released an album "Metal Souls" around the world in a "Classic Modern" style. "Metal Souls" also features Whitesnake drummer Tommy Aldridge.

Paul Shortino 's Big Love HR/HM from LV

Shortino started as a solo project by Paul Shortino (Rough Cut), and the first album was released in 2010. After that, Nozomu and Paul co-starred and started producing a new album, and the album "Make a Wish" released in 2020.

/ Compose
​/ Live Support

Collaboration with various artists

I have worked as a composer, arranger, recording and tour guitarist. The content of the work was various such as "for band", "TV animation", "game".
As an album producer, I can also do mixing and mastering.
I will continue to participate in many works and concerts.

Design Work

Art design on CD albums, artist photos, merchandising of various bands, company logos, catalogs, etc. These design works are also part of my expression.

Here you can buy some items I designed.


Please use the form below to contact me about my work. Thanks.

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